Share Draft/Checking Account

ItemFee Amount
Average balance below $200.00 during monthN/A
Insufficient funds (check return)$20.00
Insufficient funds per transaction fee$5.00
Telephone transfer fee$1.00
Share draft copy$3.00
Stop payment$20.00
Statement copy$3.00

Other Fees & Charges

ItemFee Amount
Debit/ATM card replacement fee (per card)$10.00
Money orders$1.00
Check withdrawals with funds not already deposit or $500.00 or less$2.00
Lost passbook replacement fee$5.00
Returned deposited check fee$10.00
Stop payment for lost or stolen money orders or bank checks$25.00
Early account closing fee$5.00
Christmas Club account closeout before end of term$10.00
Account research$20.00/hr
Low balance monthly fee if account drops below $25.00$1.00
Wire transfer (outgoing domestic)$15.00
Wire transfer (outgoing international)$55.00